Thursday, May 14, 2009

Josh & Jana at Prom

Josh and Jana before the prom. Not that we're proud or anything but Jana was voted Prom Queen. Josh showed up with her and left with her. This all came the day after his play closed. Kind of a big weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm glad the election is over! I'm hopeful for the future after the outcome of the election, mainly that our nation will be able to come closer together, stamp out unnecessary contention, and become unified in upholding the ideals that have made us great.

That being said, I know that there are many who are not happy with things and are behaving in a less than Christlike manner as they hatefully attack those whose views are different.

The other day, when grandpa Witten was visiting to see Joshua's play, we were discussing this very issue and he mentioned how he had just finished reading Elder Hales' conference talk and how it discussed everything that is going on. So, I'd like to share the following points outlined in Elder Hales' October 2008 Conference talk entitled Christian Courage: The Price of Discipleship. (,5232,23-1-947-22,00.html)

Elder Hales stated that, "one of mortality's great tests comes when our beliefs are questioned or criticized. In such moments, we may want to respond aggressively - to 'put up your dukes.' But these are important opportunities to step back, pray, and follow the Savior's example." He continued, "when we respond to our accusers as the Savior did, we not only become more Christlike, we invite others to feel His love and follow Him as well."

He then outlines several different ways a follower of Christ can respond to accusers:
  • True disciples of Christ see opportunity in the midst of opposition.
  • As true disciples seek guidance from the Spirit, they receive inspiration tailored to each encounter.
  • As true disciples, our primary concern must be others' welfare, not personal vindication.
  • True disciples avoid being unduly judgmental of others' views.
  • Sometimes true disciples must show Christian courage by saying nothing at all.

Finally, I'd like to share this line from Elder Hales, "We don not feel we are better than they are. Rather, we desire with our love to show them a better way - the way of Jesus Christ.

I would encourage all of you to read Elder Hales', as well as all the talks from the last conference. I think we were given great counsel.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Invitation to Josh's Play

Josh is co-starring in another school play "Frankenstein" November 5, 6, 7. You are all invited!

General Conference

I know you're suppose to say that General Conference was awesome...but I truly had a spiritual feast this time around. My heart is full and my mind is bursting (which doesn't take too much) but I will share only a couple of insights.
First, President Monson asked us to pray that the hearts of governments not allowing the gospel to be preached in its boarders shall be softened so that their boarders will open up to missionary work. Upon hearing this I thought of my three sons and the possibility of them serving their missions in areas that are currently not allowing the gospel to be preached in its boarders.
Second, the overall theme seemed to be one of Hope and Gratitude in the face of Adversity. I know things are difficult, but it was reassuring to hear the leaders of the church bear testimony and teach encouraging, hopeful messages. I don't think Armageddon is upon us just yet.
Be good.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Power of Prayer

I warned you all that the purpose for this blog is to share my testimony.

I recently began re-reading the Book of Mormon and would like to share some insight, especially for you youth out there. Right from the very beginning there is an experience that Nephi shares that is often overlooked yet carries with it the key to unlocking not only the Book of Mormon but the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"And it came to pass that I, Nephi, being exceedingly young, nevertheless being large in stature, and also having great desires to know of the mysteries of God, wherefore, I did cry unto the Lord; and behold he did visit me, and did soften my heart that I did believe all the words which had been spoken by my father; wherefore, I did not rebel against him like unto my brothers. But, behold, Laman and Lemuel would not hearken unto my words..." (1Nephi 2:16,17, bold added)

Nephi first desired to know the truth, then prayed to the Father, had his heart softened, and did believe. The story continues and we learn of Nephi returning to Jerusalem twice to get the Brass plates (1 Nephi 3&4) and Ishmael's family(1Nephi 7), build a ship (1Nephi 17), cross the ocean and settle the promised land (1Nephi 18) all the while being contested by his older brothers Laman and Lemuel. He was able to do all of these things and more because of his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ that he received through the power of prayer.

Laman and Lemuel did not pray. In the 15th chapter of 1Nephi we read that Nephi, upon returning from prayer, and an amazing vision, he found his brothers, "...disputing one with another concerning the things which my father had spoken unto them. And I said unto them: Have ye inquired of the Lord? And they said unto me: We have not..." (1Nephi 15:2, 8-9)

Laman and Lemuel literally saw an Angel of the Lord (1Nephi 3:29-31), saw the power of the Lord manifest through Nephi on several occasions (1Nephi 4, 7, 17, 18), and even heard the voice of the Lord (1Nephi 16:39). Yet, because they refused to humble themselves and seek out the Lord in prayer as Nephi had done, they consistently hardened their hearts against the truth and rebelled against their father Lehi, their brother Nephi, and, ultimately, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have taught and testified of many things to many people in two different languages. But there is nothing I can teach that is more important than the humble action of prayer, that God hears and answers our prayers, softens our hearts, and allow us to know truth. That through prayer we can come to know whether or not the Book of Mormon is true, which allows us to fully understand the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that through his prophet Joseph Smith, He restored the truthfulness of His gospel in these latter days which is found within His Church.

I have prayed and come to know for myself of the veracity of these things and it is my greatest desire that all who read this blog do the same!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Caleb's Friends

This summer I have been playing basketball with my dad, going to drum line practice and hanging out with my friends. These are some of the friends I hang with, Noel, Jordann, Erika, Brian and Steven (and Kelsey, Traydan and Aaron who are not in the picture). This picture was taken at our Stake's Pioneer Day Celebration. Our ward had to wear puprle (in case you were wondering why all of us are color cordinated). By the way, I do not have a favorite aunt. . .YET! I can send out a wish list if you want. -Caleb

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thanks Aunt Beth!

I have the best Aunt! Sorry to all my other aunts but I have to say my favorite aunt has to be Beth. She did buy me this guitar so she deserves to be the favorite but if any of my other aunts want a shot, I can send them a wish list, too. -Josh


Last month we took the Priest from our ward to Yosemite to hike Half Dome. It was amazing as Yosemite always is! The before hike picture with all the priest and their leaders.
Bishop Lamb on top of the world AKA Half Dome. Even though he had a torn tendon in his foot he still kicked the Priest Quorum's 16 year backsides (butts). Josh with some of his friends in his Priest quorum on their hike on Half Dome. They don't even look tired even though they had been hiking for 2 days.

78 Months

Our baby is 78 months already! Isn't he cute!

Gracie's Gymnastics

Gracie just finished her 5th year on the Magic gymnastics team. She is doing really good on her back hand spring but her specality is striking good poses and making great facials at the audience. It is really fun to see her perform. She will be trying out for the team next month so wish her luck!